Have you ever heard someone say, “well who is s/he to say/do that?” or maybe you’ve heard yourself say it recently?

Someone close to me said it, conversationally – and I felt triggered.


Without thinking I said, “please don’t cause any drama.”  And then I felt the discomfort.

Ekks, that was a judgement.  Oh gosh, here we go again. Ideas don’t leave their source, so if I judge her for her statement, I will feel the discomfort.

So I tuned into my own thinking, and realized, I have had that thought often.  More than I like to admit. For example, “who is she?” to have …..fill in the blank, that house, that life, that money, that social media following…

These are the thoughts we are healing when we learn we are all in this thing together.  If someone else can have it, they are demonstrating what is possible in all of us!

The question really wants to be – what are YOU (Marie) doing to serve the world, to attract the house or the money – who are YOU – instead of judging others service, material possessions or “good fortune”?

“Who are you do that,” turns to “who are you NOT to?”

Are you walking around pointing fingers at what others are doing?  Or are you looking at your own thoughts and feelings, your own work, and focussing only there.

Triggers are important to look at, like the one I had last week, witnessing a friend claim that she had the authority, knowledge, clarity that another did not. 

Even if that is true, it was irrelevant, a judgement, and all judgements are created equally and all judgements require forgiveness – a willingness to see things differently. It’s only when you are willing, that you can actually SEE. Because behind it all, we all have the knowledge, gifts and talents to succeed, its just are we willing to see them. A Course in Miracles teaches us, we can have a grievance (judgement) or a miracle, but we can’t have both. So choose wisely – after all we are at choice always.

I encourage you to look at your triggers and take responsibility for them, they are teachers, and if you are willing to go through the discomfort of what they are showing you, ask to “see it differently” you will undoubtedly land in the place of greater wisdom and peace for yourself and all those in your life.


Marie xxoo

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