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Worthiness is worth it

Worthiness is Worth it I’ve had a week of wondering about my worth. A few potential privates choose not to engage in private sessions, and it had me looking deeply at ways I can refine the conversation so that peeps can see what they are

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Regretting regret

“No Regrets’ has become such a catchphrase in the world; we commonly see this slogan plastered everywhere from Instagram feeds to tattoos. Here’s the thing though: regrets do in fact exist. Are we supposed to proudly proclaim that we have ‘no regrets’ for any of

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Marie Russel

From Victim to Victor

Over the weekend, my husband and I dove deep into exploring all sorts of content relating to current events – the pandemic, the government, systemic issues within society – and to be honest, it really left me shaken on the inside. It’s an intense time

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Dani Russel

What do Adam and Eve have to do with me?

  I recently had this opportunity in my marriage to get to the root of it. I  followed that root back to  the “Garden of Eden.”  Perhaps you can relate… We can be all cozy within our relationships. We exist in peace. We communicate beautifully:

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For the last 15 years I have been “riding the wave of vinyasa” Yoga, on and off my mat.   And given I’ve been in close circles with surfing and surfers these days, I’m comforted, somehow,  to know that it’s a lot of paddling, “that gets

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Healing & Tears

Most days, I feel very calm, present and peaceful – for a good chunk of the day. So grateful, right? Yet being in a body, and living as a human in this time and space, can be full of its opportunities to maintain said calm,

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dani russel

“Above all else I want to See.”

Have you ever heard someone say, “well who is s/he to say/do that?” or maybe you’ve heard yourself say it recently? Someone close to me said it, conversationally – and I felt triggered.   Without thinking I said, “please don’t cause any drama.”  And then

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My whole adult life has been about unlearning what is untrue and re-learning what is true.  It would be a privilege to work with you as we usher in a new era of YOU!

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