Worthiness is worth it

Worthiness is Worth it

I’ve had a week of wondering about my worth. A few potential privates choose not to engage in private sessions, and it had me looking deeply at ways I can refine the conversation so that peeps can see what they are investing in, while also acknowledging, there is only so far I can take peeps.  Eventually, we need to decide our own worth, and if our the cost of our pain is more than the cost of the service.

If we can wait for healing until the “time is right.” When in essence, now is the only time there is.  Its a big one for all of us, the conversation on money & worth…

Totally in line with this weeks Podcast – check it out here.

I want to start off with a story. I was scrolling through social media and I came across a post from an acquaintance where he was advertising his program for the price of $300. It wasn’t the post itself that triggered me, but rather the reactionary comment of a friend. It came from that judgemental place of, if he really wanted to help people he would do it for free, which I think is something that so many of us who create content or deliver services in the higher consciousness community struggle with both internally and externally. 

This led me to thinking about a few concepts that hold humanity back from reaching our full potential, yet we insist on holding onto, and one of the big ones is the scarcity mindset. This refers to a predisposed mentality that there simply is not enough; it can apply to money, material possessions, emotions, love, a whole spectrum of things; however, the results are the same –   fear, stress, and anxiety. 

What I see so much happening, and I see it in myself too, is this scarcity mindset leading us to question our own worth. It manifests itself into the idea that we’re not good enough because we constantly fear coming up short in some way, especially in a financial sense.

Here’s the thing though; how do we expect to significantly lift people up who are in extreme suffering – we’re talking wars, famine, poverty, social injustice – how do we really expect to be able to offer support to them if we are unable to use our God-given talents to excel ourselves, to generate assets, to thrive? If we are truly going to affect change on a major scale, we need some financial capital. This is what will subsequently enable the abundance to flow. 

I think we all need to heal our relationships with money. 


It’s been a major learning curve these last months as I’ve been working with a business coach.  Where I thought we would be working on strategies, she had me looking at stories I held about money – beautiful, uncomfortable, sometimes embarrassing and utterly empowering work.

But what I really want to say is this: we need to learn how to prioritize and value inner-peace, how to put “money” or energy towards spiritual growth, transformation, consciousness.

It’s important that we look at feelings of guilt while sitting on either side of the table, either investing into the higher consciousness community or accepting money for sharing your tools, skills, and knowledge. When you see a program for sale from someone in our community who you believe in or resonate with, look at it as an investment you make in their heart for the investment they make in yours.

When we decide to invest in ourselves and step through the fear, we are inviting others to step outside of theirs as well. This will enable us to stop playing into victimization and shift instead to the abundance mindset, bringing forth a feeling of a deep inner peace that stems from a place of security and trust. 

You’re worthy of excelling, and you’re worthy of not having fear around money. 

Oftentimes, there is a part of us that believes that victimization, or overstretching ourselves, or being exhausted from giving too much of ourselves, and so on and so forth, is in some sort of solidarity with others that suffer. Or, that it’s a way of being aligned with our own integrity; for example, we are judging others for charging for their services because we are not valuing ourselves enough to charge sufficiently for our own time or services. Or we are resentful that we’re working in a job we’re not crazy in love with, because we fear we won’t have enough income if we pursue our true passion. Instead, we could focus on investing in people and programs that we feel speak to our hearts. And trust that that is the work that will support us in gaining the confidence to take actions towards our own abundance.  Trust that for them to charge that money it took a lot of their own work, own investments, and growth with their own feelings of worthiness.

You are worthy. We are all worthy. 

When we’re triggered, that just means there are some lessons there for us to learn. As we step into a new universal paradigm, it will continue to cultivate a culture of more equality and union. 

Ultimately, we must learn that abundance is our natural state, in all realms, financial, health, loving relationships…and this journey of Yoga off the Mat is just that, a returning, home, where #onlyloveisreal.

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