A 5 Day Complimentary Online Training to deep dive into Forgiveness starts Monday, October 19th. It’s can be difficult to forgive AND forget, let me show you how.


I want to be free from the past, Happy in the present

This Forgiveness Challenge will show you how to detangle yourself from the emotional bummers of resentment that linger in your field of energy.  

Listen closely, triggers are teachers.  There are lessons behind them, and it’s your job to define them and learn from them.  

Each of the 5 days we’ll ask you important questions that will highlight lessons that your soul wants to embody.   You will learn how to heal on a soul level.  When you heal at a SOUL Level, you reveal what we are all longing for: happiness, and freedom.

Too many heart centered humans say, i forgive you, BUT….

It's the "but" we need to transcend. "I don't need to forgive," you may say, "its in the past." Or maybe its "bygones," you may say. I know, I have said it a 100 times too, but then the questions comes down to:
Are you living your best life? What holds you back?
Do you live in gratitude for the challenging relationships?

Until then, there isn't space for expansions.
How can you lead from your Soul's intelligence rather than the minds certainty that it's "over it." Whatever "It" is.

This process is one of the tools we use in Yoga off the Mat Coaching and comes from CENTER OF EXCELLENCE, an international Coaching Company that you will not find anywhere online. It’s not online because it was never online. It was a “tap” back then, and we felt so blessed to be invited into the curriculum. It’s not accredited because it is beyond the world's accrediting systems.

It’s accrediting is from heart space, from Universal intelligence, and from Spiritual wisdom passed on through the centuries. AND guess what, now, All are invited, who will show up? You?

The effects of this process are literal and transformational. We all have the power to forgive within us, and it’s a gift to live in the gratitude of everything that has happened - once you learn the lesson.

Freedom is energy and you can tap in whenever you want. Even some of the worst things we perceive, have lessons and light behind them, IF we change our mind and thoughts. This content is rooted in the spiritual text 'A COURSE IN MIRACLES', which has supported millions around this planet to ascend into their higher selves.


Are you feeling like the same triggers keep bumming you out? Are you ready to let them go? Let me hold your hand, its time to forgive AND forget. Your freedom depends on it.

Do you wish you could stop reacting in the same way to the world situation right now? This process will show you how to be a part of the change you wish to see in the world.

This Forgiveness Challenge will support you in learning how to manuever through these times with a confidence and ease that you desire. It is designed to show you, step by step, how to transform your perceptions and live in the lesson, rather than the resentment. Together we’ll journey to a place where an experience of deep peace is not only attainable, but the norm. Where you get to have a tool that can literally change your energetic field in a moment.

The CHallenge offers you...

Every day, you will receive an email with a video that will guide you through one of the 5 steps to Forgiveness.

You will also receive:

  • Access to our lively Facebook group to share insights and inspiration
  • 5 Days of Live feedback from Marie Russel, who has been studying and working with Forgiveness and Universal principles for over 15 years.
  • An invitation to the Yoga off the Mat Online Training Course with bonuses just for Forgiveness Challenge Participants.

Now is the time to dive deep and emerge lighter and stronger.  Its time to elevate ourselves by joining programs that not only serve you, but all those who come in contact with you.  Igniting your creative energy, so that you contribute to the healing of the planet by your own path to en-LIGHT-en – ment.

This content will come to you for 5 days via email, but the best part, is that you will have the content for LIFE and can return to it again and again to deepen your practice of Forgiveness.

You’ll also have a login to access it anytime at MarieRussel.com.

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My mission in this course is to guide you on a Journey inward. To the You, you long to be with.

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Let's do 5 days and go from there, shall we?

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