Over the weekend, my husband and I dove deep into exploring all sorts of content relating to current events – the pandemic, the government, systemic issues within society – and to be honest, it really left me shaken on the inside. It’s an intense time in the world right now friends and it’s completely ok to be feeling a bit weighed down by it all. Some of these topics are pretty heavy for the podcast series, but they are so deeply present right now that I felt I needed to just put on my brave face and go for it. Avoidance, be it consciously or subconsciously, by default only defends it; by not looking at it, we only give the fear more power. 

The purpose of this podcast episode is to facilitate a willingness to sit in discomfort together, to process and dissect all of the darkness surrounding us in the world right now so that we can in turn, transcend it. We must face the fact that villains exist in order to tell them they are no longer welcome here; get out, ciao, bye, your time here is done and it’s time for change. Love wins by our ability to bring the darkness to the light, look at it, and deny it power.

Have you found yourself wondering what the heck is happening on planet Earth? Who exactly is in charge of the world and what are they aligned to; is it love or is it fear? Why are there billionaires and what is it that deters them from using their money for the greater good? The conversation in this week’s episode touches on the extent to which influential forces from all different areas, ranging from the government to the music and entertainment industry, are all contributing to saturating society with violence and dark energy. 

We as a whole, have become submissive to the forces that control humanity, the ones that promote war, promote greed, promote scarcity… In order to stop allowing this, we must first go deeper into our own spiritual practices and diffuse the darkness within ourselves. We then transform from the victim to the victor and become empowered humans; we are enabled to have the difficult conversations, to sit and speak from a seat of wisdom. We must also not forget to focus on the positive aspect of the current darkness of the world. There is an extraction of the dark from this beautiful planet that is happening right now, which in turn, means that it can then be brought up to the light for transcendence. 

The dark is going down and we are winning. Now is the time to embrace the tools that raise our consciousness and support all of us heart-centered folks in lifting our frequency.  I heard the call to be a warrior of light and I answered; are you ready? 

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