Healing Breast Cancer Naturally: Emotional & Spiritual Healing as I walk upon this Path


Healing Breast Cancer Naturally: Emotional & Spiritual Healing as I walk upon this Path

You are not alone.

We all share this journey of healing cancer.

For eighteen years, I have been practicing yoga on and off the mat.

For thirteen years – I have shared the love for this practice all around the world.

In every body I see and align and in every mind I meet and guide – I feel it. We are all healing from fear. A Course of Miracles reminds us: there is “no order of difficulty among miracles.” Your pain, his fear and my healing are all part of the same experience.

We are all in this thing together.

I hope your pain does not manifest as breast cancer. The master yoga teacher, Larry Schultz, reminds us that the pose – is about function rather than form. On the mat, we understand this as modifying postures to suit the needs of our bodies. We step away from the addiction to appear a certain way. Instead, we embody how we want to feel. What is the function of this pose? The same is true for our practices off of the mat. Your pain is your pain. My pain is my pain. I’m speaking of emotional pain here, we can speak to the physical another time. And still, it’s all fear on some level…

Yet it appears differently: it possesses a different form within all of us. Nonetheless, we all must travel upon the same path to emotionally and spiritually healing. All
roads lead to Rome right?

The spiritual medicine involves taking a deep look at fear’s presence in our lives.

And denying it’s power.

This medicinal content is the same for all of us – how willing are we to shift from fear to trust? How willing are we to change our minds and be guided by our own internal teacher, our own inner voice? The voice for Love with in.

In this Three Part Series, I will share lessons that I learned from healing my cancer authentically, holistically and spiritually. Additionally, I will touch upon the psychosomatic causes that contributed to cancer’s formation in my body. I hope that my stories and lessons will inspire you to open your inner eye. To Look at the way emotions and thoughts affect and seemingly dis-empower you. I invite you to unravel and slow down the process so you can develop a deeper understanding of yourself. How can you step into the role of healer of yourSelf as you walk upon this path to wholeness?

Let’s begin, right left, on this path – shall we?

You can’t hide your pain away. It needs to be seen to be dissolved. Also, you must feel it – in all its forms: anger, stress, and anxiety. It will manifest in density, in matter, in your body. Where do you feel pain in your body? Do you clutch your heart? Is there an ever-present- tightness radiating in your chest? Do you sense an ominous pulsation in the breast? Does your lower back throb? Headaches? These feelings are not one-dimensional. They are physical manifestations of deeply ingrained core beliefs. Here’s the important part, these core beliefs are not true!

Your pain speaks.
“There is something to fear.”
“You are not good enough.”
“You are unloveable, somehow bad.”
Unworthiness is a favorite mask in the ego’s arsenal of fear. A Course in Miracles teaches us that we cannot bring the Light to the Dark. Rather, we must bring the Dark to the Light.

There is an equality that all of us share with God. We are created with the same power – in the same likeness as our Creator. Thus, our minds are powerful. Whether we put our minds to fear or love – those thoughts will have implications. NO thought is neutral – ALL thought creates form on some level.

We are all conditioned to function within the thought system based in fear. This has been going on for a LONG time. It’s your sympathetic nervous system screaming: fight or flight! Therefore, we must spiritually detox in order to uncover a more enlightened state of mind.

This process begins the moment we say inside ourselves, “there must be another way.”

There must be another way of seeing things, another way of behaving, another response, another …

So our efforts begin to explore the dark places inside. We uncover the buried treasure of fear and unworthiness as we amble upon the path to enlightenment. When we bring the dark to the light, we take the things that we do not understand and think we should understand about ourselves, to our higher minds. We surrender it to the “Undeletable File of Love” in our minds. We offer the Darkness to the Light in our minds.

I have 100% had these experiences. When I brought my pain and fear to the surface, it dissipated like fairy dust dancing away in the night.

It sounds like angels giggling. Free again to fly.

In the presence of Light, there can be no dark.

Take a look at your pain.

Be brave.

Deny its power of you.

Feel its vibrations and surrender them to God. Surrender them to Light and to Love. God’s will for us is perfect happiness (A Course in Miracles: Lesson 101)

This is a fact – it’s not negotiable in metaphysics. The energy of creation is what we call: Love.

Only your egoic mind protests this truth. The egoic mind is always fighting for your attention and it own survival. This is why it attacks truth so fiercely. It’s suspicious at best, vicious at worst.

Your egoic mind knows that there is something greater than it. You know this too.

Go on now, it is time.

Go up, and bring your pain with you.

Give it up to the angels of your higher mind.

This is how we get lighter.

You must be a grown up. You must be fully responsible for all of it: every aspect and iota of your existence and experience. You must take what’s yours and own it like a cherished dress. A prize – that you won in the game of life. You must accept the character defects and personality dysfunctions that you excuse as “normal.” It is time to transcend these limitations. Move through the guilt and blame like a cheetah chases its prey – quickly and gracefully. BUT, you must also not hold yourself responsible for the experience of others. It is theirs, yours is yours and we bring out the best and worst and everything in between in each other. We are all here for maximum learning. Trust others will get there too. Hold the vision of them there, see the light in them.

And know, the universe is on it. Accepting full responsibility for your part in the bankruptcy, divorce, miscarriage, lay- off means you can change it. You will be unable to change its effect on you unless you accept your part in it, and yours only. We pay a high price of being unable to change things if we don’t take responsibility for our part.

This is what the ego loves – to make you the victim – at the effect of the world rather than the creator of your world. The world we see is a reflection of our own state of mind. Therefore, even if your part in the “disaster” is only 10% – look at your part and fully own it. This is what it means to be a grown up. Blaming is a child’s game and the beginning of our separation…remember Adam in genesis? “She made me do it!” And then we were cast out of the garden, shame and fear seem real outside the unified field of love. Instead be naked and proud, accept your part and learn from it. Go and “sin” no more means go and be better than last time. Be “born again.”

Remember to laugh too, we tend to be super serious with all this spiritual banter.

Trust that you do not need to focus on another person’s part in the disaster- if there is something that needs to be said, you will know when to say it. Accordingly, you will share your truth from a place of healing. Your voice will be calm even if it’s passionate. God is non-reactive. The energy that is God only responds. It responds to your slightest invitation. Ask how you can evolve and back out of shame quickly. Havethe dark night of the soul and rejoice with the ever present light.

We are all here to learn. And where a bone has broken it comes together stronger.

Remember, this thing called Life is a school not a performance.

Look at the cause of It. Investigate the pain and the frustration. Be responsible for it. Take the moments it takes to unwind the pain backwards. Journey back to the cause. My cancer is my opportunity to heal on a cellular level my belief in separation (from God, from you, from that tree). My cancer is a chance to correct the mind of each cell. So each cell realigns to the truth of who I am and what I am here for. Therefore I harmonize with the energy that will not only show me HOW to do it: IT WILL DO IT through me. It is time to let go. Let go of your attachment to being right. Let go of your attachment to being liked by others. Let go of your need for approval. When you approve of yourself so will everyone else. And if they don’t, you won’t care so much. You will know that your living the alternative is simply triggering their adapted behavior.

I spent so much of life at the mercy of others - what they thought determined my sense of self-value. I invite you to heal your relationship to your Creator - there is no one in between you and God. Be willing to study, to learn, and to grow. To change your beliefs about God, God is only Love...there is no fear in God.

Ancient hatreds carried out in conscious humans will result in strong physical implications. It is becoming less and less acceptable to hold onto our cultural hatreds – women and men, color to color – sex to sex. You may not think that you are ‘sexist” yet I assure you that threads of this exist within you unless you actively surrender them. Give them to Spirit and watch these threads light with the energy of love.

Resentment and grievances will hide the light. So much of my life has been about hiding them rather than exposing them. In their exposition I can see they are untrue. And if I value only loving thoughts, then I can detach myself from the resentments and grievances…exhaling, peace is revealed.

Ok, and lastly! Be careful not to intellectualize your spiritual practice – there is work to be done for all Of us. You wouldn’t be here if you were enlightened already. We are never done, enlightenment is an unfolding.

Go deep loves, look into the cause of your fear or discomfort – it will take practice but journeying to the cause is how we heal. This is how we correct at a core level.

Ok, that’s it for now!

Stay tuned for next week friends.

We will explore three more lessons integrated upon this healing journey. Prepare to demystify this healing path….healing happens when happiness is the goal.

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    Thank you Marie for sharing this. So much of it resonates with me.😘❤️🙏

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