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Greetings and Namaste

My name is Marie Russel, and I’m glad you’re here.  Being on a Spiritual journey is a full time commitment, and since 2004, I’ve been at it full time.  At times I am soaring and at others I’m a falling, fast. Yet through it all, I have had access to this part of me that is always Centered and Connected to all that is. That is the part of YOU, that I want to talk to & collaborate with. I want to get real with other humans in a way that elevates consciousness for the planet.  I want to start one by one, moving together towards a collective peace on earth that starts with shiny happy humans and extends to shiny happy families and shiny happy communities and dare I say it aloud, shiny happy politics that support shiny happy countries and, you well, you get the drift.

Yoga Off The Mat Course 001


Our next challenge begins in December and hundreds of spiritual seekers have found the content and format transformation!  Join us in taking a deeper look at “forgiveness” and how it’s the key to happiness.


This is the future!  Let’s not wait until we can be in the same space and time to connect and grow into our spiritual enLIGHTenment. Yoga off the Mat Online Courses are about learning tools to support a Centered Lifestyle.


Having committed to a 15 year mentorship, I understand the benefits of working privately with a coach.  Private sessions are available on a case by case inquiry – fill out this form to learn more.

Marie has been my guide. She took my hand from the very beginning and never let go. I can’t express in words the magic and healing ability this woman possesses. She is fearless, genuine, leads with her heart and when I’m in training with Marie or on a coaching call, all I feel is the power of love. These trainings and continued coaching calls have changed my life. Marie has taught me to look at my life – and all its up’s and down’s – through the lens of love.
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