For the last 15 years I have been “riding the wave of vinyasa” Yoga, on and off my mat.  

And given I’ve been in close circles with surfing and surfers these days, I’m comforted, somehow,  to know that it’s a lot of paddling, “that gets you there faster.”

It’s like that in life too.   

Because as I look back and take an honest inventory of the last years, I see that I’ve been paddling mostly, waiting for the “right” wave.  I’ve been “practicing” and at times getting up on that board!! Yay! And, then, too soon, being pulled down, and way under.

I have felt myself coming up for air. Gulping it down, and going deep again to be turned around by the mystical power of life, in the form of the oceans waves.

Now and then, seeing the light, getting back on the metaphorical surfboard, coasting a bit more and then crashing yet again.

Pulled way down through the levels of consciousness and knowing somehow, by the grace of God, I would be delivered back to the land, or at least up for air. 

And now, however many years since my teacher training @itsyoga in San Francisco with the beloved Larry Schultz, I can confidently say, I am surfing this wave of life beautifully.  Better said, I feel it is surfing Itself through me. Larry asked me as he was transitioning, “are you ready?” and I can say now, yes, Larry, I am ready.

The energy of this wave is so uplifting – I feel as if I am flying!  I am so connected and flowing that I simply watch in awe as the multitude of miracles flow. I stand witness to the wisdom and mastery that manifests miracles naturally –  when I step aside and get out of the way. 

When I let the Yoga do me. 

I realize, that all the paddling through, the suffering and fear, the searching for air, the grief and sadness –  the “hard times” – where preparing me for excellence. All the times I soared and felt the bliss and then ahh painfully falling, again, only to wonder if it happened at all.

Larry used to say, “ride the wave of vinyasa towards your goals,” and today, in this very moment on a plane somewhere between Mexico City 🌃 and Puerto Escondido, tears arise from the gratitude I feel, for the Spirit that encouraged me to get back up on the board, and give it another go. To TRUST THE PROCESS on the road to enlightenment.

I have surrendered, my lower mind, to my higher, my ego, to my Higher Self, now running the show.  

Thankfully, I bow in humility and happiness that this is the way I walk in Gratitude.

Now it’s as if I am surfing 🏄‍♀️ this mystical energy of grace and power and generosity that is Love. 

And I’m loving it. 

I am fearless, right now. I know it’s an all love or all fear game we’re playing.  

I know how to do this, now. 

To ride the wave of vinyasa towards my goals. God’s goals for me, and mine for me are finally aligned. 

Thus, I stepped into Divine Right Order, and accept my role  🙏 to be part of God’s plan for the evolution of humanity, my little life just got really grand. 

And even if I fall, I know without a doubt, how to get back up!!! Swiftly and easily to the place, where I am one with the ocean. One with the stars ✨ one with you and everyone. 

To Namaste consciousness, where we meet in that place of equality and love.

All this to tell you, In this very moment, I see the light in you. 

I know how.  It takes practice. And faith. 

And I want you to know that no matter what is happening on your wave right now, the highs and the lows, that there is a part of you that simply IS total peace and knows who you are for real. Behind the masks of insecurity or the yellow happy smiley face😊of not knowing the next move or being bogged down by mistakes in the past.  

There is a part of you that knows you are innocent 😇 powerful and celebrated by all the Universe – a part of YOU that patiently awaits your attention and your willingness, to request support.  To get on the wave, and ride it like you mean it.

I want YOU – you, reading these letters that make words and sentences that seek to describe emotions and experiences that are beyond their scope.  You. 

I want you to know your higher Self.  

To see the light in you. To know that no matter the waves that you are riding right now – that you can do it well. You can do it with grace and ease. Your higher self is connected to the Universe and has its intelligence. It knows, go there for guidance. 

We have tools too, to support you in clearing the way to your higher Self’s home in your mind. 

Tools tools 🧰 and more tools, bandas breath dristi – you need to know these words.  You need to learn about your purpose and being and doing and having and the order of it all.  Forgiveness is key and learning about its purpose in your life, is the window to happiness that is beyond this world.

If YOU want this for you too, you are welcome.  Everyone is invited to this party. Not everyone is though, is willing to go deep.   

To forgive an ancient hatred and replace it with a present love.  

Yet I will say to you wholeheartedly, going deep on an oddysey, a beautiful and epic journey to the Light.  You will emerge with an unshakeable truth in your Mind’s eye at all times. You are love, I am love, we are love, and only Love is real.

We know this work and we know it well.

This is my passion. And at @itsyoga our trainers are fully committed to their excellence and yours.  Yoga off the Mat – Online Training is where we take up our staff, and begin the hike to the top of the Spiritual mountain top.  You have mighty companions on this journey, and they are awesome. They will hold you up when you are tired, and their energy and commitment will strengthen yours.

All around the world, for 15 years I have seen it again and again, and it’s time.


To accelerate the process. To get this party started.

To be who you were meant to be.

Do you want that too?  Just a little bit of willingness, and the whole Universe will come to your aid.  You are that important, you are that loved.  

In all ways, and always.



I love you. ❤ 

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