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Comparison vs. Gratitude

When we compare ourselves to others, it puts a heavy blanket over our own blessings.  We cannot be in the Spirit of Gratitude, and the energy of comparison – at the same time.  


Multi-tasking energy in the present moment is not possible.  

Each sentiment, comparison (some form of fear) or gratitude (the ultimate emotion of Love), will bring you feelings related to their CAUSE (love or fear) – One will bring you more happiness and show examples in your life of your blessings, the other will bring you discomfort and show you examples in your life of how you are not good enough.  One seeks to remind you of Who you are: eternal, holy and perfect, receiving the generosity of Spirit, and one seeks to teach you you are not that, you are guilty, not good enough, and convince you to adopt a scarcity mindset.

If you allow your mind to go to thoughts such as: their house is bigger, her asana is stronger, my business is less than – you can not see all the goodness that you actually do have in this very moment.  

Or perhaps its the opposite, in your comparison you find yourself better than others – in which case, your house is bigger so you are better – your business is thriving, so you have a handle on that, or your relationship is more centered.  

You already know the way that you compare yourself to others, but maybe it is a comparison you hold against yourself.  Thoughts like “I should know this already” or “why is this so hard for me.” These are self-deprecating. They hide your gratitude for a healthy body!  A lovely physique, a handsome partner, and most importantly all the important strides you HAVE taken in the direction of LOVE. Whatever form those thoughts come up as, they are  like cloud cover over Gratitude.

Perhaps its better said, when your mind goes there, best to refrain from VALUING those thoughts, they are thoughts that speak of separation rather than UNION.

Judgement exists outside gratitude, and those perspectives will take you OUT of the present moment, the holy instant as ACIM says, were there is no time and space – this is “eternity” and into the dark space of fear, which is the simply the absence of Light – the illusion (ACIM & Buddha, Albert Einstein say the same – this dimension is an illusion, beyond is one far richer in content and context.


Yet we are here in this realm to learn that our purpose is only to Love.  Yet, our egos are vicious. The ego is a part of your mind that is so small yet so loud.  Your ego – Edge God Out – wants to be God. It can sense that there is a higher power, yet it doesn’t know what it is so it convinces you that it is the higher power.


It uses guilt, comparison, shame and judgement to cause you pain.  Pain is its “peak” experience. It is your conditioning, it is your go to thinking, your adapted thinking – it is our own intelligence used against us. And it speaks the language of “Spiritual growth” too.   


So its sly, it says, well, yeah, you’ll probably never have a home like that, or you can’t do handstands because _____________,or your business won’t make it its too late – and poof!  I’m lost in not good enough.  


The moments that I listen to that tune…I can’t see all the gains my business made today, and the handstand that I did (off my mat) and the beauty that this house has, right now.


If you compare yourself to others, you will feel disconnected sad and anxious.  THAT IS FEAR.  


FEAR is False, Evidence, Appearing, Real.  


Comparison will take you out of gratitude and into the illusion of not good enough.  And that is simply not true on so many levels. Here’s two examples:


We are all one.  Someone else’s gain, is your gain too.  Like the Yoga Sutras teach us, let us be happy for the happy!  That means instead of being jealous, or bringing ourselves into it at all –  we are present with others in their happiness – the notion of us as separate will cause suffering.  STAY in the moment with the happy folks you know and put your “stuff” aside. Keep your awareness on others happiness and that energy will invite you will feel your oneness.


YOU have blessings too. Most of us reading this have homes and hearts full of blessings, we are not trying to survive wars outside ourselves right now, which means we have been given a lot, and to those who much has been given, much is expected.  Be grateful for what you do have, right now. Focus on surroundings that bring you Joy, celebrate the material possessions you do have, clean your home and heart and be grateful for all that you have manifested already, and – send love to those suffering and open your heart to messages clarifying how you can offer your support in the world.

If you see something you want in others, train yourself to delight in their gain, and you will be guided on how to attract that and manifest it in your own life.  They are your teachers.  

Larry would say, some of us are advanced in some poses, some in others, and all levels practice in the same room.  This is life. Each one of us had a different childhood – and we have different sets of conditions we are overcoming in this lifetime.  A Course in Miracles, a metaphysical text, teaches us that we all have an “highly individualized curriculum.” So if you are presented with an opportunity to compare, choose to be grateful instead.  

“Walk, then, in gratitude the way of love. For hatred is forgotten when we lay comparisons aside. What more remains as ob­stacles to peace?”ACIM

This path, it’s a blessing, keep walking friends, and remember, we are all in this thing together.



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