Are you ready to experience more miracles in your life?

Because if you are, you're invited to the Miraculous Living Club.
A place where Mighty Companions come together
to activate, embody and extend new levels of loving consciousness.

Truth: Even if you’ve never stepped onto a yoga mat, meditated for a million hours, or drank the green juice,
planet Earth needs you to step out of your old patterns and step into your best self.
To shift perceptions and find the light in all things is a skill we learn.
That’s what
The Miraculous Living Club
is all about.

So, let me introduce myself...

Marie Russel
I’m Marie Russel, your leader in all things miraculous. I’ve had quite a life so far, and I know you have too. It’s time for all of us to lift our frequency and follow our highest excitement, WHILE healing all the things that stand in the way. Learning HOW to stay in the light for longer and longer stretches of time, and learning quickly from the hard-ish times.

The Miraculous Living Club is more than a membership (that you never use) or online training (that you didn’t finish), it’s designed for those who are turned on by the idea that miracles occur naturally as expressions of LOVE. 

Miracles are when things flow, synchronicities occur and you’re aware of them, and it’s obvious that you’re aligned to loving consciousness in the here in now.
This club is for you given you’re activated or curious (even if not totally convinced) when you hear…

Only Love is Real

You want to live in that place of peace and happiness and believe you’re worthy of that frequency based on WHO you are rather than what you DO.
You want to live in the frequency where life flows more easily and you’re collaborating with your highest Self.
You’re willing to put a little time and effort in, for A LOT of growth, transformation and increased happiness in your day to day. I want this club to be fun for you and interactive so that when you want some love and miracles, you can pop into the portal and find just what you’re looking for.
The world changing in big ways and many heart-centered individuals are feeling the effects.  
We are realizing more and more our power and how our energy effects all our relationships from food to friendship to our bodies and our souls comfort.
We’re beginning the process of awakening.

Which can sometimes feel…

😞 Unsettling, like what worked before isn’t working now 

😞 Frustrating, like you’re getting triggered more easily. 
😞 A heightened sense of anxiety and its negative impact on your daily mindset, family, friends, work … 
😞 Concerned about the future for children, our families, finances…
😞 That you’re not showing up in daily life as your best self. 
😞 You’re stuck in old patterns…yet knowing you have a greater purpose in life – if only you could capture it. 
If this resonates, let me ask you a question.

Are you willing to change your mind?

Because if you’re ready and WILLING to change your perspective, you can expect miracles to occur naturally

✨ You can expect your life to transform. 
✨To experience more joy and peace.  
✨ A sense of lightness and freedom.  
✨ A newfound energy you can share with every human around you. 
✨ You’ll vibrate at a higher energetic frequency. 
And even if you’re not sure what that means at this moment, I promise you’ll feel it, and it will change, well, everything! 
I know from personal experience that when you do the work, when you bring your attention inward–and gift yourself with the time and the tools—a shift happens. 
💛 The fear dissipates and LOVE takes the reigns. 
💛 You remember that the peace you seek is already within you. You were born with it. 
💛 You remember that you have the power to tap into that peace in ways never dreamed or imagined.
TruthYour life changes when your thoughts change. 
It’s a choice, a shift in consciousness, a MIRACULOUS Way of living!
Randy testimonial of Marie Russel

Randee Schwartz, Santa Cruz California

It’s been such a privilege to study and work with Marie Russel. I so deeply respect her commitment exploring our lives off the yoga mat. Honestly, I cannot think of another person who so fearlessly explores our “off the mat existence”. She’s clever, clairvoyant and intimate. 
You might just look at yourself differently – and like what you see.
Yes! You’re ready to leave the virtual reality you’ve been living in and
attune your energy to Reality with a capital “R”.
It’s time.
So, let’s get to it.

The Miraculous Living Club Includes

Yoga off the Mat Life Coaching Tools – each one actionable with steps to facilitate awareness, healing & vision
8 Keys: This foundational tool is our standard go-to. Its purpose is to support you in gaining clarity and direction in any life relationship (partnerships, money, home…you will learn how and why everything is a relationship!)
Core Beliefs: This powerful tool unpacks what your core belief is and how it has shaped your life experience. This realization becomes essential, then, to healing its emotional impact.
Forgiveness Process: This life-changing tool takes you through 4 steps to move from judgement to gratitude breaking the bonds of lower level thought forms and emotional bonds.
Inner Family: This supportive tool goes deep on the difference between adapted and authentic feminine, masculine and child energies with an emphasis on how they manifest in our behaviors and experiences. Together, we rewire and learn how to “CENTER” in LOVE.
Cost/Payoff: This unique decision-making tool is so much more than a pros and cons worksheet. Rather, it guides you to establish yourself in win-win and decision-making that is heartfelt, mature and confident.
Theatre of the Mind: In this final and impactful module, we take all that we have learned to move through and distinguish between what is fact and what is fiction in our minds. From this place of awareness, we learn how to manifest a vision—the highest potential in any given aspect of life.
The Trust Project Materials – Based on the Characteristics Of God’s Teachers from A Course in Miracles
Training Videos on each of these empowering qualities: Trust, Honesty, Tolerance, Gentleness, Joy, Generosity….
Yoga Classes on each theme to anchor in the content
Q&A’s from the Project to inspire greater embodiment of these qualities that are innate in all of us.

Meditations Portal

Marie offering a meditation.
Some call it channeling, others call it prayer, while others call it listening to your internal wisdom and authentic voice.
I put on the high vibe music and let it flow.
Spiritual guidance, activation and upgrading energy around trust, generosity, tolerance, acceptance and self-love.
The Meditations Portal features light frequency, quantum meditations to lift your vibration as you learn to embody more and more love. 

Gerli, Norway

I have been struggling with unnecessary drama in my relationship. Mostly in my own mind. I have been looking for alert-signs from the places and situations where there are none, I fear loosing love and not being loved anymore and a times makes me feel crazy.

In past 4 days I have been 2 times in a situation that I have fell from love to fear. Both times i did the “Tolerance” meditation. And the change was huge! Both times meditation woke me up from a nightmare before inviting others in. Take away from this meditation is that the love is already in me…

Also included in your Miraculous Living Membership


​Online Live Training Circles with yours truly (60+minutes, recordings emailed within 48 hrs

​​A lively “Mighty Companions” Facebook Group to support integration, like-minded community and sharing challenges/progress and all.the.things (24/7)




​Archives of Yoga off the Mat “Circles with Marie Russel, loads of spiritual nutrition for your mind, body & soul.
 30 trainings with all sorts of high-level information on universal principles and how to apply them in our lives.

Yoga Classes On demand from 20-90 minutes to tap into at your leisure!

Your evolution is Happening.
It's Guaranteed.
In fact...
it HAS happened.

This is your opportunity to step into that version of you, the real YOU — the one you were born to become, have always been, and love to be with.

The Miraculous Living Club is a hub for this sacred and transformational work. 
My life’s work so far: Yoga off the Mat Coaching, the Trust Project, Yoga Classes, Meditations, Trainings, Writings…
It’s the essential work of this lifetime for those ready to ascend. 
It’s not always easy. 
We want to be sure it’s the right fit for you—and for us. 
The highest good of all is our mission, and we are deeply committed to its fulfillment. 
Yoga means Union, remember? And even though you were born ready, you need to decide if NOW is your time to fully awaken. 

Here is what some Mighty Companions are Saying

Andrea sharing how having support moving through hard times made all the difference in getting through it with powerful soul lessons.

Carmie speaking about how the tools in the club changed her life empowering her to take responsibility for all things, therefore, transcending all things.

Three levels of engagement in the Club:

Level 1: Activate Miracles

This level is perfect for you if you’re (fairly) new to this work and wanting to get your feet wet.  You have an hour or so per week to dedicate to your self discovery and overall spiritual care.
  • 12 + Meditations + new meditations added monthly
  • 3 Life Coaching Tools & Workbooks ($997)
  • Yoga Classes Online Section (10 classes to dive into in your own time and space)
  • Facebook group to ask questions and learn more from the community of mighty companions!
Bonus – Activate your Miraculous Lifestyle with Yoga on and Off the Mat Essentials 
A 5 step online video series on how to start your Yoga practice at home (value 297)
A Course in Miracles Favorite Quotes Booklet (value 33) ebook version
FREE CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*please note this option doesn’t include live calls!

Level 2: Embody Miracles

This is for you if you’re ready to integrate the spiritual lessons you’ve been exploring.  You’re ready to be in the moment with whatever is occurring and see it from a place of love.  The content in this portal will support you in clarity, direction, forgiveness and healing.
  • 12 + Meditations + new meditations monthly
  • 6 Life Coaching Tools, Workbooks (value of $3333)
  • Monthly Yoga Classes
  • Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls – VALUE PRICELESS
  • Online Library of Training Content on all topics on modern spirituality 
97/month or $888 for the year (save $276 if you invest up front)*
Embody your Miraculous Lifestyle with Bonus Materials!!!!! 
  • Yoga on and Off the Mat Essentials – A 5 step video series on how to start your Yoga practice at home (value 297) available immediately
  • A Course in Miracles Favorite Quotes Booklet (value 33) ebook version

*please note all tangible gifts are sent after 3 months of participation. You can cancel anytime, however, no refunds are offered for any reason.

Level 3: Extend Miracles
 Ready to be the teacher & coach you know you are?  Join me and let’s go deep to emerge clearer and brighter than ever before, so you can sit in your seat of wisdom no matter what, and hold impeccable space for those called to you.  Each of us is responsible for our “ministry” as A Course in Miracles states: those who will hear the truth of who they really are, through you.
Yoga off the Mat Coaches Training & Mastermind Program
 10 + Life Coaching Tools, Workbooks
  • All group calls, 2 Private session with Marie per month, 60 minutes & 1 Group Call
  • Meditations Portal
  • Yoga Classes Portal
  • The Trust Project Content – 10 Lessons on Embodying the Characteristics of Gods teachers (Trust, Honesty, Tolerance, Gentleness, Joy, Defenselessness, Generosity, Patience, Faithfulness, Open-mindedness)
  • Peer Coaching Opportunities
  • Online Library of Yoga off the Mat Trainings with Assignment Opportunities
Application – Schedule discovery call here
997/month for 6 months, 
4444 (save 999 when you invest in the 6 months up front) & receive a gift package with a meditation wrap, incense, sacred geometry candle and crystal to start you off!
Bonuses for you to, my dear!
Extend your Miraculous Lifestyle with 
  • Yoga on and Off the Mat Essentials 
  • A 5 step video series on how to start your Yoga practice at home (value 297)
  • A Course in Miracles Favorite Quotes Booklet (value 33)
  • Meditation wrap & incense sent to you! (value 150)
    *please note all gifts are sent after 3 months of participation. You can cancel anytime, however, no refunds are offered for any reason.

Here is what some other Mighty Companions
are Saying!

Mary's testimonial

Mary Fox, San Francisco California

Marie was my first yoga teacher and certified me to instruct more than a decade ago. But we had had very little contact since Larry Schultz passed on in 2011. For some reason, though, I felt called to sign up for Yoga Off the Mat in January, 2020. Little did I know what a life-changer and life-saver it would be for me in the coming months of global madness. Now, 8 months later, I consider Marie to be my life coach. As a coach, Marie is a compassionate and grounding force who has been there for me without hesitation, offering the perfect balance between 3-D reality and a cosmic, divine perspective of Reality – Love. She really has taught me to be willing to see things differently – which has made a profound difference in my life. And for that, I’m forever grateful.

Loves, this is the time to shine

Let’s spend the year together.

✨ Let’s go deep. Let’s grow. Let’s let go of what no longer is serving.
✨ Let’s remove the barriers to Love’s presence.
✨ By being present.
With yourself, with your actions, with who you think you are and what you think you are about,
and relearning who that actually is

Let's Center, Align to Loving Consciousness

Let’s make this experience about your personal development, about your Spiritual healing, and about stepping fully into your Divine potential.  
It’s not about just saying “it’s all good,” it’s about believing, it IS all good. 
Feeling that it is all good, in the cells of your body. Without judging whatever “it” is. 
YOU can’t and will experience this!
It’s all about finding and Living in your purpose for being here, today, in this lifetime. 
It’s for real. It’s about being raw and honest and brave and transparent. 
🙌 Doing the work you were born to do. 
🙌 Becoming the person you were born to be. 
Did you get a chill? Did you say, no way not me!  
Oh yes, my friend, YES YOU!
This is the year you invest in yourself. 
YOU deserve it. 
The Miraculous Living Club is inspirationally offered for heart-centered humans who are ready to walk the walk straight into their highest potential. 
I believe we all have that in us, you just have to be willing to dig deep, surrender and be open to the expansion this will create in your life. 
Anyone audacious enough to want a more peaceful experience, and smart enough to know that their Mighty Companions have arrived, at this moment, for you to change NOW
Together have the power to do just that. You are not alone.

You can expect the following to occur....

💛 Upgrading Romantic and Family of Origin Relationships
💛 Building Friendships
💛 Increasing Income Possibilities
💛 Awareness around your Impact (negative & positive)
💛 Experiencing more ease and grace during your time on Planet Earth
💛 Living in peace with yourself and others
💛 Learning about how to clean up on the physical, emotional and mental planes
How does all of THAT sound? 
When we meet, miracles occur.  This is the content that your SOUL will be so happy you showed up for….
Here are some of the topics covered in our Live Coaching Sessions:
Join us, as together, we heal ourselves and the planet. 
This is a powerful investment you make in your self. 
YOU are WORTH investing in to do this deep inner healing work, becoming your best self. 
Your family is WORTH you becoming your best self. 
The work you do is WORTH you being your best self. 
Everyone in your life, and all around you benefits from educating yourself in the ways of Universal Love.

This training & community will serve you as you journey inward, to heart centered living.
There is no-thing more valuable then inner-standing and peace.

New materials uploaded into your membership portal monthly
to keep things fresh and inspiring

Amazing tools, transformative meditations and content for the higher vibing you...
All in one place for you to explore in your own time!
And support from yours truly, from my heart to yours.

What is a Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles is a course in how to shift from love to fear.  For over 17 years this material has been the basis of my daily practice, the content that has inspired a compassionate understanding of life and its purpose.

ACIM is the foundation of curriculum that drives my coaching and teaching practice.

I look forward to sharing this universal curriculum in order to initiate healing at a causal level.

We get we need to train our bodies, we are slowly realizing we need to also train our minds to turn from fear, to love.

What are you Waiting For? Ready to upgrade your life in profound ways?

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