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Yoga Off The Mat with Marie Russel

Greetings and Namaste

My name is Marie Russel, and I’m so glad you’re here.  We can all see that the world needs a little (or A LOT) more love these days.  It’s going to take each and every willing human being to step up our game right now, and engage in a deeper level of spiritual growth & understanding.  I’m of the lineage of LOVE, and that’s the part of you I want to nurture.  I want to get real with other humans in a way that elevates consciousness for the planet.  I want to start one by one, moving together towards a collective peace on earth that starts with shiny happy humans and extends to shiny happy families and shiny happy communities and dare I say it aloud, shiny happy politics that support shiny happy countries and, you well, you get the drift.  Are you ready to live a life of limitlessness, love and service, as we transform ourselves, the world will too.

Yoga Off The Mat Course 001

FORGIVENESS to Freedom Training

We all know we have work to do here – so let’s just do it!  The way to freedom in an inside job.  Starting October 19 we are offering this 5 day – complimentary online training to increase the vibration of forgiveness on the planet.


The world is elevating and being online is a gift.  Yoga off the Mat Online Courses are about learning tools to support a Centered Lifestyle.


Powerful, potent, and transformational.  Private sessions are available on a case by case inquiry – fill out this form to apply.