Yoga off the mat offerings

Yoga off the mat offerings are inspirationally designed to be direct, actionable and transformational. Feel free to reach out with any questions, we are here to serve.


Miraculous Mondays

Each Monday I share personal experiences on the Spiritual path inward.  It is my purpose to model a lifestyle rooted in the reality of Love and using lives many opportunities to surrender to our Higher selves.  Themes and lessons from A Course in Miracles lead these conversations.

Yoga off the Mat – Online Course

Our flagship program : “Yoga off the Mat – Online Course” is a six month class – offering Coaching Tools, Online Sessions, Private FB group and much more. Join your “Mighty Companions” on a journey inward to the land of peace and Joy.

One time payment for $497 for the Online training (on sale from $1997) or 6 months for $108

One time payment of $997 for the Online Training & 6 privates with Carmie Buhalis or $197/month for 6 months

One time payment of $1650 for the Online Training & 6 privates with Marie Russel or $297/month for 6 months

All payments are final and non-refundable for any reason, thank you for your innerstanding.

The Trust Project

This is about learning to trust Love. To reinvest our energy into being who we were meant to be. Tapping into our power through moving through our pain fearlessly. Now is the time to Trust that we have the gifts and talents to move this into the direction we want: peace on Earth.

Coming Soon!

YOM Private Coaching

21 Day Jumpstart Challenge

Diving deeper into ACIM

Yoga off the mat Retreats

Keys To Freedom