What Happens After Savasana?

Episode 1: What happens after Savasana?

What Happens After Savasana?

Yoga off the Mat is a journey to the you, that YOU love to be with.

My intention is to give you a bit of backdrop into who I am and how I discovered yoga on and off the mat. Throughout this series, I will likely speak to my personal relationships as they have provided such incredible spiritual content for me. As we continue to dive into the topics of Yoga off the mat,  I will ask you questions that will inspire your own deep thinking in terms of your family of origin, those relationships, and some of the lessons you are learning from them. What are some of the things you want to work on in terms of your own relationships?

Close your eyes and start asking yourself questions about your life on and off the mat

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My whole adult life has been about unlearning what is untrue and re-learning what is true.  It would be a privilege to work with you as we usher in a new era of YOU!

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