Stepping off the Mat into Yoga

Stepping off the Mat into Yoga

Yoga in the West has become mostly physical with lots of words. Having led teacher trainings for over fifteen years I have witnessed hundreds (maybe thousands?) of people as they move through their own personal journeys – through the yoga practice to the Self- to that sweet spot where all is well and peace resides. Yoga is a practice in the mind. Yoga is a reworking of the way your mind turns. So you can be in the nature of who you are. So you can live from that place of authenticity and oneness with your creator and all that it is.

In today’s episode, I share how a big blue book and two master teachers, encouraged me to climb off the mat and learn to live a lighter life. Meet me on the bridge we share – when the mat rolls up and the day begins.

Now is the time for yoga: Yoga Sutras 1:1.

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