“Cancer is a personal journey and the best we can do is love each other through it.”

   Meditation has become the strongest medication I am on. When I am consistent with my meditation: when I am consistently surrendering my analytic mind, my thought systems, my fear – based conversations to my healing mind – healing happens for me. Where do you want to heal? Our minds are powerful. We have a choice. If we put our minds into our mis-creations- into our fear- they will create disease. In my case, it was breast cancer. I took my cancer diagnosis as an opportunity to  delve deeply into my mental, spiritual and emotional healing. I knew that if I kept at my physical healing – and I changed my diet to reflect a lighter lifestyle- my body would have time to heal itself from the undue pressure.

I truly believe the more we give our fears, guilt, judgments and resentments up- the healthier we get. Those types of thoughts put pressure on our bodies that our bodies are not meant to hold. It puts our bodies into flight or flight. Fight or flight is an important defense mechanism if we are being chased by a bear- we need to run super fast: where our pace is beyond what we could imagine. Those types of fears are natural. I am speaking to emotional and psychological fears that put that same level of stress on our bodies. However, now  our colleagues and children become the bears.

             “Our role in this life is to realign to our higher minds where we have a choice.”

Will you choose love?

With Love, Cancer

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