The other day, a new friend pulled me aside.

 “I want to acknowledge you, Marie. Even though we don’t know each other that well, I can really see that you and your husband have a great relationship. The two of you vibrate on a higher frequency. He truly respects your divine masculine.”

 “A Course in Miracles” teaches us that everything in our life is a relationship. Furthermore, we all possess feminine energy, masculine energy and child energy. Our relationship to these energies influences their vitality and expression.  For example, when masculine energy is adapted, it arrives amped- up: angry and aggressive. We all have been there and we have all felt that way! Perhaps, the feminine energy is not grounded in authenticity. Then, the energy appears sad and a little lethargic.  When child energy is out of balance, you might dwell in an anxious place where you can’t seem to get anything done. You are overwhelmed with everything on your plate. However, authentic child energy-  fused with spiritual magnetism- manifests playfully and curiously.

Our goal is to value and honor our entire inner family. May there be space throughout the week for all of our energies to vibe.

 But, how do we bring this energetic harmony into our intimate relationships? How can we honor and encourage the feminine and masculine energies of our partners?

In today’s episode, I share personal vignettes and tools to guide you on this intimate journey. I invite you to step out of your fear and defenses and step into your nakedness. Let us learn to trust each other’s energy. Let us encourage each other to be who we are: grounded, passionate, and joyful.

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