We are here to deliver a message.

We are mailmen.

There is a letter.

We are meant to deliver it.

We are not meant to open the letter and critique it.

We need to connect to those we hear this truth from. The truth is spoken in so many different ways. There are so many beautiful humans on the planet sharing their voices.

Today, I want to discuss sharing your voice and being a truth teller. Stepping into the truth requires courageousness. But within the truth – lies both your power and your humility – essential elements in order for us to be of service to others.

How do we back out of fear and step into compassion?

When I do this – when I back out of someone else’s fear and step into my own seat of wisdom – then I can be a truth teller. I can be someone who relays messages. This is something we see happening in our community at It’s Yoga International. This is something we see happening during Yoga off the Mat. So many of our trainers, so many of our students and so many of our clients, are learning how to bring their shame to spirit for comfort. They are learning how to share difficult moments from a place of being healed. This happens when we are willing to tell the truth.

In this episode, I share a time when I first felt the power of forgiveness create space between fear and love. The common thread we share – we all experience fear. However, if you stay in touch with your “moola bandha” you will be able to diffuse the energy in a compassionate way. It is time to see things differently so that we can again experience our oneness.

All of the peace – all of the joy – and all of the good things that all of us are looking for – reside in our ability to be truth tellers. In our ability to share from open minds and forgiving hearts.

Truth telling is a super power.

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