We pay a high price when we are unwilling to take one hundred percent responsibility for our experience. The price we pay: we cannot change our experience. If we believe that we are victims of the world we see – or that there is nothing we can do to change the world- we basically relinquish our power. Then we live these sad lives.

Today’s podcast  discusses what happens when we make a mistake. How do we stay innocent – even when we royally mess up? 

What we are really doing in this practice of yoga off the mat – in this alignment to spirit- is learning the difference between our inner teacher and our inner critic. Our Higher self and our lower self.

Step into the moment: if you are not feeling innocent: if you are feeling guilty: if you are feeling really bad about something…

Ask yourself:

When did I step off the love train? Where did I get off and not realize that I got off?

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