Does the idea of forgiving someone make you cringe? In this podcast, I talk about forgiveness from a modern woman’s perspective. What does it mean to be forgiving? What does the concept look like in practice?
This is a time to practice forgiveness, friends. This is a time to delve deeply within yourself to extract. It is like being an archeologist – extracting all of the ancient hatreds.

During this episode, I will share personal vignettes and offer themes from “A Course in Miracles” to support us in practicing forgiveness.

When we practice yoga on the mat – when we step into Warrior Pose – we step out of one body and into another. This is what I see happening in the world. We are stepping out of one paradigm of thinking. We are stepping out of the thought system that dominates this planet. We are stepping out of a thought system which is rooted in fear and separation. Now, we are stepping into a thought system that is inspired by a loving energy. We can see this happening in so many ways.

Are you determined to see the situation differently?

Friends- join me in this practice of forgiveness. Join me in practicing Yoga off the Mat.

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