Regretting regret

YOM Podcast E: 11

Regretting regret

Are we supposed to proudly proclaim that we have ‘no regrets’ for any of our past thoughts or actions on the pretense that they taught us a valuable lesson? Do you ever find yourself actually regretting having regret, partially because society makes you feel like you’re not supposed to? In this episode, Marie Russel shares her own personal experiences on this topic. You are invited to explore with her the various ways to effectively approach regret, and how to subsequently come back to center and trust that these feelings are all part of the process. Tune in to go deeper on the journey of regret, detachment, and healing. 

In this episode:

  • How and why does a lapse in trust lead to a hamster wheel of regret and regretting regret? 
  • Detachment: how does it correlate with feelings of self-worth and why do we place value on ourselves based on what others think of us? 
  • How does practicing detachment allow us to remove ourselves from despair and how do we do it?


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