With Love, Cancer

With Love, Cancer

Off the Mat Podcast: Episode Three

Today, I invite you to dance around metaphysics and neuroscience. Close your eyes and open yourself to the possibility of love. Tune in to love’s driving force in our lives. My purpose in sharing this content is to inspire you to live a bit more out of the box-  where the quantum field of love exists. In today’s episode, I explore my relationship with cancer: the emotional courtship, the healing journey, and the lessons delivered by love. No matter what happens in your life- there is a way to overcome- there is a way to move beyond the hurt, the pain and the trauma. Sometimes it happens with accidents, cancer diagnoses, and miscarriages. There are so many ways we learn how to overcome. And so much of it has to do with a little suffering. We learn through contrast. We learn what we want through what we don’t want. No matter where you are in your life- I encourage you to travel deeper within yourself to experience a lighter existence. You don’t need to take a more advanced variation of the posture to get there. But, maybe it is time to slow down and deepen your drishti. Where is your energetic focus? How do fear, grief and pain tango with love in your sacred days? Pull up a comfortable seat, and let me tell you a love story.

My purpose is to remind You how powerful you are. Your choice in the matter is whether you put your power towards the fear or towards the love.

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