You have ONE problem.

Now days it seems like we have lots of problems. What are we going to do about this virus? What are we going to do about the economic situation? What are we going to do about education? What does the future of health look like?

In this podcast, we approach what’s happening in the world from a place of knowing. Knowing – that we are connected to the Divine.  We explore our situation, with the knowingness that all problems can be solved by the intelligence that permeates the Universe.  Flowers know how to grow and palm trees blossom out of coconuts.  Nature knows, and we don’t.  We think we are not good enough. We are not loveable. We are somehow bad.  THIS IS THE ILLUSION that we are healing. We are children of God.  We are connected to this magnificent energy.  We are extensions of Love.  When we think that we are not enough, we are INSANE! 

We are created by a loving intelligence. When we return to that vibration, we will know how to approach any problem in our lives.

Prepare to ask yourself the important questions.

Who am I? 

Where did I come from? 

Where am I going?

Can I see myself as God created me to be?

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