Your parents are saints, yes, even yours

Healing the parent/child relationship is a major step in spiritual alignment and subsequently growing into the man or woman you want to be. In this episode, Marie Russel breaks down some of the ways in which our relationship with our parents shows up in other aspects of our lives, and also how to shift the energy and move towards a more equal way of existing in this relationship. Wherever you personally fall on the spectrum of parent/child relationship dynamics, be it worst case scenario, best case scenario, or anywhere in between, you will find something comforting and relatable to extract from this episode and apply in your own life.

In this episode:

  • How do we shift our perspective and focus on what our parents did right rather than what they did wrong? What are we willing to let go of?<>/li>
  • How do we detach from past grievances and feelings of resentment and judgement in order to foster unity and communication with our parents?
  • How do we heal our inner-child and subsequently move through the process of forgiveness from an adult perspective?

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