Yoga off the Mat Coaching Team

Marie Russel

Micheele Anne Barocchi

Mara Guadagni

Salla Vedder

Carmie Buhlais

Marilyn Jurman

Your evolution is happening.
It’s guaranteed.
In fact, it has happened.

This is your opportunity to step into thath version of you, the real YOU-the one you where born to become, have always been, and love to be with.


Yoga off the Mat is deep transformational work. It’s the essential work of this lifetime for those ready to ascend. But it’s not easy. We want tobe sure it’s the right fit for you-and for us.


The highest good of all is our mission, and we are deeply committed to it’s fulfilment. Yoga means Union, remember? And even though you were born ready, you need to decide without a doubt that now is your time to fully awaken.

My whole adult life has been about unlearning what is untrue and re-learning what is true.  It would be a privilege to work with you as we usher in a new era of YOU!

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