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A 10-Week online course to deep dive into Trust. Are you in? The journey begins January 4.

How is peace possible in the world?

The Trust Project is a 10-week course to support you in trusting your inner wisdom and divine intelligence. 

Each week we will study a quality of being that is an aspect of your true self, inspiring you to navigate these uncertain times with more confidence and ease.

Our content is rooted in “The Characteristics of God’s Teachers” from A Course in Miracles, a book of spiritual psychology that invites us into a thought system that Only Love is Real.

Are you feeling ungrounded in these changing times?
You could feel completely supported, no matter the circumstances or situation.

Do you wish you could stop wearing a mask (literally and figuratively)?
You could show up as your most radiant, authentic self became part of your everyday experience.

Are you weary of feeling like you need to prove and defend yourself?
You could rest in your divine innocence and know you are whole and complete as you are. IT IS POSSIBLE! And actually easier than you think.

Spiritual Nutrition YOU need right now

The Trust Project offers you tools to connect to the Truth Teller in your mind - the real you - and to listen to its loving voice. This is the divine intuition that is always guiding you towards your (and everyone else's) highest good, complete happiness and purest joy.

This course and community are purposefully designed to support you in aligning to Love. You'll feel the comfort that comes from placing your Faith in the power that keeps the planets in place.

Together we'll journey to a place where an experience of inner and outer peace is not only attainable but the norm. Where you get to relax in the knowledge that fear is only a thought in your mind and you have the power to choose a perspective of Love.

The Course offering

Every week, we’ll study a new Characteristic of your True Self (from A Course in Miracles).  This course will take you deeper than simple spiritual ideas.  It will invite you to not only change your mindset, but to live and embody universal principles of love.  Each quality will be build on the rest, culminating in an experience of living as THE YOU, THAT YOU LOVE TO BE WITH!

In support of your learning and expansion, you will receive:

  • A lesson on the quality of being that brings light to how you can practice it.
  • A guided meditation to bring you into the feeling of the quality.
  • An all-levels yoga class to help you embody the quality.
  • A live Q&A session to answer all your questions about these characteristics and how to apply them.
  • A Miraculous Monday Message to start your week with intention.
  • A Private Facebook group to receive support, engage with like-minded community in conversation and practice.

This content will come to you weekly via email each Monday. YAY – Monday gifts just for you!

You’ll also have a login to access it anytime at

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My mission in this course is to guide you on a Journey inward. To the You, you long to be with.

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