Yoga off the mat Podcast

Greetings, I am so glad that you are here! I am your host Marie Russel and this is “Yoga off the Mat.” During this series, I explore how we can use the philosophy of yoga and the principals from “A Course in Miracles” to transcend some of the seemingly difficult poses -perhaps relationships and situations- that we find ourselves in – off the mat. I’ll be sharing practices, lessons, and tools that I have learned (sometimes the hard way) to live with a lot less fear and a lot more love. It’s a practice in learning how to access those easy breezy feelings we feel in a yoga class, off the mat and in our lives. It’s a practice in learning how to align to the YOU that YOU love to be with.

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Yoga Off The Matt Podcast

Season 2

Episode One: Going All In Woo Woo

This one-woman show is about plant medicines’ effect on growing out of old patterns and perspectives and seeing things in […]

Episode Two: A conversation w Danielle LaPorte

You guys, this podcast was such a thrill for me to do! Danielle is an amazing human above all her […]

Episode Three: Fearlessness is about fearing fear, less

Join me in the conversation around how to approach our discomfort. On the mat, we observe, we honour our limitations […]


Learning about Self-directed education, unlearning, and living each day as if you were on vacation with your children. In this […]

Episode Five: Trusting Our Brothers & Sisters Is Not Hard, It’s Just Different

In this podcast I share about a friend who is going through a separation and how her practice of this […]

Season 1

Episode One: What happens after Savasana?

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER SAVASANA? Yoga off the Mat Podcast: Episode One Yoga off the Mat is a journey to the you, that YOU love to be with. My intention is to give you a bit of backdrop into who I am and how I discovered yoga on and off the mat. Throughout this series, I will likely speak to my personal relationships as they have provided such incredible spiritual content for me. As we continue to dive into the topics of Yoga off the mat, I will ask you questions that will inspire your own deep thinking in terms of your family of origin, those relationships, and some of the lessons you are learning from them. What are some of the things you want to work on in terms of your own relationships?

Episode Two: Stepping off the mat into yoga

Stepping Off the Mat into Yoga Yoga Off the Mat Podcast: Episode Two: Yoga in the West has become mostly physical with lots of words. Having led teacher trainings for over fifteen years I have witnessed hundreds (maybe thousands?) of people as they move through their own personal journeys - through the yoga practice to the Self- to that sweet spot where all is well and peace resides. Yoga is a practice in the mind. Yoga is a reworking of the way your mind turns. So you can be in the nature of who you are. So you can live from that place of authenticity and oneness with your creator and all that it is. n today's episode, I share how a big blue book and two master teachers, encouraged me to climb off the mat and learn to live a lighter life. Meet me on the bridge we share - when the mat rolls up and the day begins. Now is the time for yoga: Yoga Sutras 1:1.

Episode Three: With love, Cancer

               “Cancer is a personal journey and the best we can do is love each other through it.”    Meditation […]

Episode Four: With love, Cancer: Part Two

               “Cancer is a personal journey and the best we can do is love each other through it.”    Meditation […]

Episode Five: Looking at our Inner Feminine, Masculine and Child Energies in Romance and Beyond

 The other day, a new friend pulled me aside.  “I want to acknowledge you, Marie. Even though we don’t know […]

Episode Six: Forgiveness is a Superpower

Does the idea of forgiving someone make you cringe? In this podcast, I talk about forgiveness from a modern woman’s […]

Episode Seven: You Have One Problem

You have ONE problem. Now days it seems like we have lots of problems. What are we going to do […]

Episode Eight: Backing out of Others’ Fear into your Compassion

We are here to deliver a message. We are mailmen. There is a letter. We are meant to deliver it. […]

Episode Nine: You are Innocent Even When You Mess Up

We pay a high price when we are unwilling to take one hundred percent responsibility for our experience. The price […]

Episode Ten: From Victim to Victor

Who exactly is in charge of the world and what are they aligned to; is it love or is it […]

Episode Eleven: Regretting Regret

Are we supposed to proudly proclaim that we have ‘no regrets’ for any of our past thoughts or actions on […]

Episode Twelve: Worthiness is Worth It

Do you ever find yourself exhausted because you’ve overstretched and overcommitted yourself? What about saying ‘yes’ to doing things that […]

Episode Thirteen: your parents are saints, yes, even yours

Healing the parent/child relationship is a major step in spiritual alignment and subsequently growing into the man or woman you […]