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Greetings, I am so glad that you are here! I am your host Marie Russel and this is “Yoga off the Mat.” During this series, I explore how we can use the philosophy of yoga and the principals from “A Course in Miracles” to transcend some of the seemingly difficult poses -perhaps relationships and situations- that we find ourselves in – off the mat. I’ll be sharing practices, lessons, and tools that I have learned (sometimes the hard way) to live with a lot less fear and a lot more love. It’s a practice in learning how to access those easy breezy feelings we feel in a yoga class, off the mat and in our lives. It’s a practice in learning how to align to the YOU that YOU love to be with.

Yoga Off The Mat Podcast Season 1

What Happens After Savasana?

Yoga off the Mat is a journey to the you, that YOU love to be with.

My intention is to give you a bit of backdrop into who I am and how I discovered yoga on and off the mat. Throughout this series, I will likely speak to my personal relationships as they have provided such incredible spiritual content for me. As we continue to dive into the topics of Yoga off the mat,  I will ask you questions that will inspire your own deep thinking in terms of your family of origin, those relationships, and some of the lessons you are learning from them. What are some of the things you want to work on in terms of your own relationships?

Close your eyes and start asking yourself questions about your life on and off the mat


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Stepping off the Mat into Yoga

Yoga in the West has become mostly physical with lots of words. Having led teacher trainings for over fifteen years I have witnessed hundreds (maybe thousands?) of people as they move through their own personal journeys – through the yoga practice to the Self- to that sweet spot where all is well and peace resides. Yoga is a practice in the mind. Yoga is a reworking of the way your mind turns. So you can be in the nature of who you are. So you can live from that place of authenticity and oneness with your creator and all that it is.

In today’s episode, I share how a big blue book and two master teachers, encouraged me to climb off the mat and learn to live a lighter life. Meet me on the bridge we share – when the mat rolls up and the day begins.

Now is the time for yoga: Yoga Sutras 1:1.

Links of Interest:

Curious about Yoga Off the Mat? https://marierussel.com/offerings/

Find me on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marierussel1/

Yoga off the Mat Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/437946423418964/


With Love, Cancer

Off the Mat Podcast: Episode Three

Today, I invite you to dance around metaphysics and neuroscience. Close your eyes and open yourself to the possibility of love. Tune in to love’s driving force in our lives. My purpose in sharing this content is to inspire you to live a bit more out of the box-  where the quantum field of love exists. In today’s episode, I explore my relationship with cancer: the emotional courtship, the healing journey, and the lessons delivered by love. No matter what happens in your life- there is a way to overcome- there is a way to move beyond the hurt, the pain and the trauma. Sometimes it happens with accidents, cancer diagnoses, and miscarriages. There are so many ways we learn how to overcome. And so much of it has to do with a little suffering. We learn through contrast. We learn what we want through what we don’t want. No matter where you are in your life- I encourage you to travel deeper within yourself to experience a lighter existence. You don’t need to take a more advanced variation of the posture to get there. But, maybe it is time to slow down and deepen your drishti. Where is your energetic focus? How do fear, grief and pain tango with love in your sacred days? Pull up a comfortable seat, and let me tell you a love story.

My purpose is to remind You how powerful you are. Your choice in the matter is whether you put your power towards the fear or towards the love.

From Victim to Victor

From Victim to Victor

Who exactly is in charge of the world and what are they aligned to; is it love or is it fear? In this episode, I am inviting you to sit with with your questions, to process, dissect, and ultimately transcend the darkness that seems to be surrounding us in the world right now on so many levels. Tune in to join a journey of empowerment in moving from the victim to the victor during these unprecedented times.

In this episode:

  • Explore why we have become submissive to the dark forces that control humanity, and what we can do to change it.
  • Learn how to focus on the positive aspect of the darkness of current events in the world.
  • Be guided to embrace the tools that raise our consciousness and support all of us heart-centered folks in lifting our frequency.
YOM Podcast E: 11

Regretting regret

Are we supposed to proudly proclaim that we have ‘no regrets’ for any of our past thoughts or actions on the pretense that they taught us a valuable lesson? Do you ever find yourself actually regretting having regret, partially because society makes you feel like you’re not supposed to? In this episode, Marie Russel shares her own personal experiences on this topic. You are invited to explore with her the various ways to effectively approach regret, and how to subsequently come back to center and trust that these feelings are all part of the process. Tune in to go deeper on the journey of regret, detachment, and healing. 

In this episode:

  • How and why does a lapse in trust lead to a hamster wheel of regret and regretting regret? 
  • Detachment: how does it correlate with feelings of self-worth and why do we place value on ourselves based on what others think of us? 
  • How does practicing detachment allow us to remove ourselves from despair and how do we do it?


Worthiness is worth it

Do you ever find yourself exhausted because you’ve overstretched and overcommitted yourself? What about saying ‘yes’ to doing things that you really want to say ‘no’ to? Or staying in a job you’re not crazy about, only because it provides a set income each week? Have you ever thought about WHY you do these things? Oftentimes, there is a part of us that believes we are standing in some sort of solidarity with others that suffer. Or, that it’s a way of being aligned with our own integrity. This is all part of the scarcity mindset – the idea that there will never be enough – that then entraps us in a victimization role. In this episode, I go deep and shares some personal experiences on this topic, and trust it will guide you in how to move instead towards an abundance mindset, bringing forth a feeling of a deep inner peace that stems from a place of security and trust.

In this episode:

  • Why do we collectively struggle to prioritize, value, and invest in things like inner-peace, self-love, spiritual growth, consciousness, and transformation?  
  • What is the scarcity mindset that humanity is clinging to and why do we constantly fear coming up short in some way?
  • How can investing in ourselves enable us to affect positive change on a major scale?

Season 2

S2 E2 | A Conversation W Danielle Laporte

You guys, this podcast was such a thrill for me to do! Danielle is an amazing human above all her accomplishments (which are many…including 5 million visits to her website each month!)

We talk about meditation, question the importance of therapy, human trafficking, wrestling with demons, human trafficking, cancer & forgiveness- all through the lenses of deeply committed Course in Miracles students!


S2 E3 | Fearlessness Is About Fearing Fear, Less

Join me in the conversation around how to approach our discomfort. On the mat, we observe, we honour our limitations and it is the same off the mat! Fear is a part of life and it’s a great teacher if we learn how to listen to its perspective we get to fear the fear, less.

S2 E4 | A Conversation About “Unschooling” with Becka Korwitz


Learning about Self-directed education, unlearning, and living each day as if you were on vacation with your children. In this conversation, Becka and I go deep on the history of schooling, indoctrination and honouring children’s innate wisdom. Given all that is happening on a world scale as it relates to education, this is a must-see/listen with one of the world’s leaders on this subject.