LOVE is the way I walk in Gratitude.   #acim

Comparison vs. Gratitude

When we compare ourselves to others, it puts a heavy blanket over our own blessings.  We cannot be in the Spirit of Gratitude, and the energy of comparison – at the same time.  


Multi-tasking energy in the present moment is not possible.  

Each sentiment, comparison (some form of fear) or gratitude (the ultimate emotion of Love), will bring you feelings related to their CAUSE (love or fear) – One will bring you more happiness and show examples in your life of your blessings, the other will bring you discomfort and show you examples in your life of how you are not good enough.  One seeks to remind you of Who you are: eternal, holy and perfect, receiving the generosity of Spirit, and one seeks to teach you you are not that, you are guilty, not good enough, and convince you to adopt a scarcity mindset.

If you allow your mind to go to thoughts such as: their house is bigger, her asana is stronger, my business is less than – you can not see all the goodness that you actually do have in this very moment.  

Or perhaps its the opposite, in your comparison you find yourself better than others – in which case, your house is bigger so you are better – your business is thriving, so you have a handle on that, or your relationship is more centered.  

You already know the way that you compare yourself to others, but maybe it is a comparison you hold against yourself.  Thoughts like “I should know this already” or “why is this so hard for me.” These are self-deprecating. They hide your gratitude for a healthy body!  A lovely physique, a handsome partner, and most importantly all the important strides you HAVE taken in the direction of LOVE. Whatever form those thoughts come up as, they are  like cloud cover over Gratitude.

Perhaps its better said, when your mind goes there, best to refrain from VALUING those thoughts, they are thoughts that speak of separation rather than UNION.

Judgement exists outside gratitude, and those perspectives will take you OUT of the present moment, the holy instant as ACIM says, were there is no time and space – this is “eternity” and into the dark space of fear, which is the simply the absence of Light – the illusion (ACIM & Buddha, Albert Einstein say the same – this dimension is an illusion, beyond is one far richer in content and context.


Yet we are here in this realm to learn that our purpose is only to Love.  Yet, our egos are vicious. The ego is a part of your mind that is so small yet so loud.  Your ego – Edge God Out – wants to be God. It can sense that there is a higher power, yet it doesn’t know what it is so it convinces you that it is the higher power.


It uses guilt, comparison, shame and judgement to cause you pain.  Pain is its “peak” experience. It is your conditioning, it is your go to thinking, your adapted thinking – it is our own intelligence used against us. And it speaks the language of “Spiritual growth” too.   


So its sly, it says, well, yeah, you’ll probably never have a home like that, or you can’t do handstands because _____________,or your business won’t make it its too late – and poof!  I’m lost in not good enough.  


The moments that I listen to that tune…I can’t see all the gains my business made today, and the handstand that I did (off my mat) and the beauty that this house has, right now.


If you compare yourself to others, you will feel disconnected sad and anxious.  THAT IS FEAR.  


FEAR is False, Evidence, Appearing, Real.  


Comparison will take you out of gratitude and into the illusion of not good enough.  And that is simply not true on so many levels. Here’s two examples:


We are all one.  Someone else’s gain, is your gain too.  Like the Yoga Sutras teach us, let us be happy for the happy!  That means instead of being jealous, or bringing ourselves into it at all –  we are present with others in their happiness – the notion of us as separate will cause suffering.  STAY in the moment with the happy folks you know and put your “stuff” aside. Keep your awareness on others happiness and that energy will invite you will feel your oneness.


YOU have blessings too. Most of us reading this have homes and hearts full of blessings, we are not trying to survive wars outside ourselves right now, which means we have been given a lot, and to those who much has been given, much is expected.  Be grateful for what you do have, right now. Focus on surroundings that bring you Joy, celebrate the material possessions you do have, clean your home and heart and be grateful for all that you have manifested already, and – send love to those suffering and open your heart to messages clarifying how you can offer your support in the world.

If you see something you want in others, train yourself to delight in their gain, and you will be guided on how to attract that and manifest it in your own life.  They are your teachers.  

Larry would say, some of us are advanced in some poses, some in others, and all levels practice in the same room.  This is life. Each one of us had a different childhood – and we have different sets of conditions we are overcoming in this lifetime.  A Course in Miracles, a metaphysical text, teaches us that we all have an “highly individualized curriculum.” So if you are presented with an opportunity to compare, choose to be grateful instead.  

“Walk, then, in gratitude the way of love. For hatred is forgotten when we lay comparisons aside. What more remains as ob­stacles to peace?”ACIM

This path, it’s a blessing, keep walking friends, and remember, we are all in this thing together.



Worthiness is worth it

Worthiness is Worth it

I’ve had a week of wondering about my worth. A few potential privates choose not to engage in private sessions, and it had me looking deeply at ways I can refine the conversation so that peeps can see what they are investing in, while also acknowledging, there is only so far I can take peeps.  Eventually, we need to decide our own worth, and if our the cost of our pain is more than the cost of the service.

If we can wait for healing until the “time is right.” When in essence, now is the only time there is.  Its a big one for all of us, the conversation on money & worth…

Totally in line with this weeks Podcast – check it out here.

I want to start off with a story. I was scrolling through social media and I came across a post from an acquaintance where he was advertising his program for the price of $300. It wasn’t the post itself that triggered me, but rather the reactionary comment of a friend. It came from that judgemental place of, if he really wanted to help people he would do it for free, which I think is something that so many of us who create content or deliver services in the higher consciousness community struggle with both internally and externally. 

This led me to thinking about a few concepts that hold humanity back from reaching our full potential, yet we insist on holding onto, and one of the big ones is the scarcity mindset. This refers to a predisposed mentality that there simply is not enough; it can apply to money, material possessions, emotions, love, a whole spectrum of things; however, the results are the same –   fear, stress, and anxiety. 

What I see so much happening, and I see it in myself too, is this scarcity mindset leading us to question our own worth. It manifests itself into the idea that we’re not good enough because we constantly fear coming up short in some way, especially in a financial sense.

Here’s the thing though; how do we expect to significantly lift people up who are in extreme suffering – we’re talking wars, famine, poverty, social injustice – how do we really expect to be able to offer support to them if we are unable to use our God-given talents to excel ourselves, to generate assets, to thrive? If we are truly going to affect change on a major scale, we need some financial capital. This is what will subsequently enable the abundance to flow. 

I think we all need to heal our relationships with money. 


It’s been a major learning curve these last months as I’ve been working with a business coach.  Where I thought we would be working on strategies, she had me looking at stories I held about money – beautiful, uncomfortable, sometimes embarrassing and utterly empowering work.

But what I really want to say is this: we need to learn how to prioritize and value inner-peace, how to put “money” or energy towards spiritual growth, transformation, consciousness.

It’s important that we look at feelings of guilt while sitting on either side of the table, either investing into the higher consciousness community or accepting money for sharing your tools, skills, and knowledge. When you see a program for sale from someone in our community who you believe in or resonate with, look at it as an investment you make in their heart for the investment they make in yours.

When we decide to invest in ourselves and step through the fear, we are inviting others to step outside of theirs as well. This will enable us to stop playing into victimization and shift instead to the abundance mindset, bringing forth a feeling of a deep inner peace that stems from a place of security and trust. 

You’re worthy of excelling, and you’re worthy of not having fear around money. 

Oftentimes, there is a part of us that believes that victimization, or overstretching ourselves, or being exhausted from giving too much of ourselves, and so on and so forth, is in some sort of solidarity with others that suffer. Or, that it’s a way of being aligned with our own integrity; for example, we are judging others for charging for their services because we are not valuing ourselves enough to charge sufficiently for our own time or services. Or we are resentful that we’re working in a job we’re not crazy in love with, because we fear we won’t have enough income if we pursue our true passion. Instead, we could focus on investing in people and programs that we feel speak to our hearts. And trust that that is the work that will support us in gaining the confidence to take actions towards our own abundance.  Trust that for them to charge that money it took a lot of their own work, own investments, and growth with their own feelings of worthiness.

You are worthy. We are all worthy. 

When we’re triggered, that just means there are some lessons there for us to learn. As we step into a new universal paradigm, it will continue to cultivate a culture of more equality and union. 

Ultimately, we must learn that abundance is our natural state, in all realms, financial, health, loving relationships…and this journey of Yoga off the Mat is just that, a returning, home, where #onlyloveisreal.

Regretting regret

“No Regrets’ has become such a catchphrase in the world; we commonly see this slogan plastered everywhere from Instagram feeds to tattoos. Here’s the thing though: regrets do in fact exist. Are we supposed to proudly proclaim that we have ‘no regrets’ for any of our past thoughts or actions on the pretense that they taught us a valuable lesson? Do you ever find yourself actually regretting having regret, partially because society makes you feel like you’re not supposed to? There is no shame in having regrets; they are yet another element of our learning journey. In this week’s podcast episode, we’ll look at various ways in which we can effectively approach the different types of feelings of regret, where they stem from, and how to subsequently come back to center and trust that they’re all part of the process.

I want to share with you guys one of my own experiences with regret, and then with regretting regret. Last year, my husband and I sold our family home back in Ohio to fully commit to our new life down here in Mexico. Initially there was a lot of fear in the decision making process. Some of this was stemming from a fear of judgement by others; what are my parents going to think? Then there were all the nostalgia-based attachments I had to that house; but this is where we first brought our babies home from the hospital

Fortunately the whole sales process moved along very smoothly and organically, which allowed me to sit and actively reflect on the spectrum of different emotions I was experiencing as I was moving through them. This encouraged me to stay focused on the idea that it was all meant to be, thus facilitating my ability to trust the process. In the moment, there was less space for regret and more instead for gratitude. Fast forward to a year later when we’re in the midst of a global pandemic. Rather suddenly, for whatever reason, I began to dwell on all the comforts and material things I had back ‘home’ in Ohio. I started mentally moving back into the past and going down the rabbit hole of hypothesizing all sorts of ideas about what could’ve been. Pretty soon I found myself completely engulfed in the energy of regret; I’d opened my mind to fear and as a result, it took me totally out of the present moment. I became blinded to all of the wonderful things that are part of my life in Mexico; I’m surrounded by a beautiful community with my family, all of my needs are met, I can see the ocean from my shower, I fall asleep each night to the soothing sound of waves crashing and wake up to nature’s song of birds chirping…

So then, consciously identifying these things in a moment of realization led me into another situation – regretting my regret. The next thing I knew, I found myself in the ego trap of the hamster wheel. Regretting regret is a way of lasping in our trust. All of us on the spiritual path are continually training ourselves to recognize that these types of situations need not be, to recognize that we can take a deep breath and make a choice in these moments. We are continually refining our tools and resources and doing all that deep work on ourselves for this purpose – so that we know how to trust that only love is real and get off of the wheel. All things are lessons on this journey of Life.

The conversation this week is also going to touch on the theme of detachment and how it correlates with our feelings of self-worth. We often value ourselves based on what others think of us, and we tend to have an attachment to the people in our lives seeing things or seeing us in a certain way (this certain way of course, is our way). The moment of clarity arises only when we’re suffering and uncomfortable.Truth will always cause suffering for our ego, because our ego is the accumulation of all our attachments. If we make the choice that we are willing to see things differently, we are able to remove ourselves from despair and open ourselves to receiving the lesson instead. We then get the privilege of practicing detachment, and with it the ability to allow others to think and believe as they wish and also to think and believe about us as they wish. 

Are you ready to go deeper into this journey of regrets, detachment, and healing? Let’s keep talking – tune in and join me in this week’s conversation of Yoga Off The Mat, Regretting Regret.

From Victim to Victor

Over the weekend, my husband and I dove deep into exploring all sorts of content relating to current events – the pandemic, the government, systemic issues within society – and to be honest, it really left me shaken on the inside. It’s an intense time in the world right now friends and it’s completely ok to be feeling a bit weighed down by it all. Some of these topics are pretty heavy for the podcast series, but they are so deeply present right now that I felt I needed to just put on my brave face and go for it. Avoidance, be it consciously or subconsciously, by default only defends it; by not looking at it, we only give the fear more power. 

The purpose of this podcast episode is to facilitate a willingness to sit in discomfort together, to process and dissect all of the darkness surrounding us in the world right now so that we can in turn, transcend it. We must face the fact that villains exist in order to tell them they are no longer welcome here; get out, ciao, bye, your time here is done and it’s time for change. Love wins by our ability to bring the darkness to the light, look at it, and deny it power.

Have you found yourself wondering what the heck is happening on planet Earth? Who exactly is in charge of the world and what are they aligned to; is it love or is it fear? Why are there billionaires and what is it that deters them from using their money for the greater good? The conversation in this week’s episode touches on the extent to which influential forces from all different areas, ranging from the government to the music and entertainment industry, are all contributing to saturating society with violence and dark energy. 

We as a whole, have become submissive to the forces that control humanity, the ones that promote war, promote greed, promote scarcity… In order to stop allowing this, we must first go deeper into our own spiritual practices and diffuse the darkness within ourselves. We then transform from the victim to the victor and become empowered humans; we are enabled to have the difficult conversations, to sit and speak from a seat of wisdom. We must also not forget to focus on the positive aspect of the current darkness of the world. There is an extraction of the dark from this beautiful planet that is happening right now, which in turn, means that it can then be brought up to the light for transcendence. 

The dark is going down and we are winning. Now is the time to embrace the tools that raise our consciousness and support all of us heart-centered folks in lifting our frequency.  I heard the call to be a warrior of light and I answered; are you ready? 


For the last 15 years I have been “riding the wave of vinyasa” Yoga, on and off my mat.  

And given I’ve been in close circles with surfing and surfers these days, I’m comforted, somehow,  to know that it’s a lot of paddling, “that gets you there faster.”

It’s like that in life too.   

Because as I look back and take an honest inventory of the last years, I see that I’ve been paddling mostly, waiting for the “right” wave.  I’ve been “practicing” and at times getting up on that board!! Yay! And, then, too soon, being pulled down, and way under.

I have felt myself coming up for air. Gulping it down, and going deep again to be turned around by the mystical power of life, in the form of the oceans waves.

Now and then, seeing the light, getting back on the metaphorical surfboard, coasting a bit more and then crashing yet again.

Pulled way down through the levels of consciousness and knowing somehow, by the grace of God, I would be delivered back to the land, or at least up for air. 

And now, however many years since my teacher training @itsyoga in San Francisco with the beloved Larry Schultz, I can confidently say, I am surfing this wave of life beautifully.  Better said, I feel it is surfing Itself through me. Larry asked me as he was transitioning, “are you ready?” and I can say now, yes, Larry, I am ready.

The energy of this wave is so uplifting – I feel as if I am flying!  I am so connected and flowing that I simply watch in awe as the multitude of miracles flow. I stand witness to the wisdom and mastery that manifests miracles naturally –  when I step aside and get out of the way. 

When I let the Yoga do me. 

I realize, that all the paddling through, the suffering and fear, the searching for air, the grief and sadness –  the “hard times” – where preparing me for excellence. All the times I soared and felt the bliss and then ahh painfully falling, again, only to wonder if it happened at all.

Larry used to say, “ride the wave of vinyasa towards your goals,” and today, in this very moment on a plane somewhere between Mexico City 🌃 and Puerto Escondido, tears arise from the gratitude I feel, for the Spirit that encouraged me to get back up on the board, and give it another go. To TRUST THE PROCESS on the road to enlightenment.

I have surrendered, my lower mind, to my higher, my ego, to my Higher Self, now running the show.  

Thankfully, I bow in humility and happiness that this is the way I walk in Gratitude.

Now it’s as if I am surfing 🏄‍♀️ this mystical energy of grace and power and generosity that is Love. 

And I’m loving it. 

I am fearless, right now. I know it’s an all love or all fear game we’re playing.  

I know how to do this, now. 

To ride the wave of vinyasa towards my goals. God’s goals for me, and mine for me are finally aligned. 

Thus, I stepped into Divine Right Order, and accept my role  🙏 to be part of God’s plan for the evolution of humanity, my little life just got really grand. 

And even if I fall, I know without a doubt, how to get back up!!! Swiftly and easily to the place, where I am one with the ocean. One with the stars ✨ one with you and everyone. 

To Namaste consciousness, where we meet in that place of equality and love.

All this to tell you, In this very moment, I see the light in you. 

I know how.  It takes practice. And faith. 

And I want you to know that no matter what is happening on your wave right now, the highs and the lows, that there is a part of you that simply IS total peace and knows who you are for real. Behind the masks of insecurity or the yellow happy smiley face😊of not knowing the next move or being bogged down by mistakes in the past.  

There is a part of you that knows you are innocent 😇 powerful and celebrated by all the Universe – a part of YOU that patiently awaits your attention and your willingness, to request support.  To get on the wave, and ride it like you mean it.

I want YOU – you, reading these letters that make words and sentences that seek to describe emotions and experiences that are beyond their scope.  You. 

I want you to know your higher Self.  

To see the light in you. To know that no matter the waves that you are riding right now – that you can do it well. You can do it with grace and ease. Your higher self is connected to the Universe and has its intelligence. It knows, go there for guidance. 

We have tools too, to support you in clearing the way to your higher Self’s home in your mind. 

Tools tools 🧰 and more tools, bandas breath dristi – you need to know these words.  You need to learn about your purpose and being and doing and having and the order of it all.  Forgiveness is key and learning about its purpose in your life, is the window to happiness that is beyond this world.

If YOU want this for you too, you are welcome.  Everyone is invited to this party. Not everyone is though, is willing to go deep.   

To forgive an ancient hatred and replace it with a present love.  

Yet I will say to you wholeheartedly, going deep on an oddysey, a beautiful and epic journey to the Light.  You will emerge with an unshakeable truth in your Mind’s eye at all times. You are love, I am love, we are love, and only Love is real.

We know this work and we know it well.

This is my passion. And at @itsyoga our trainers are fully committed to their excellence and yours.  Yoga off the Mat – Online Training is where we take up our staff, and begin the hike to the top of the Spiritual mountain top.  You have mighty companions on this journey, and they are awesome. They will hold you up when you are tired, and their energy and commitment will strengthen yours.

All around the world, for 15 years I have seen it again and again, and it’s time.


To accelerate the process. To get this party started.

To be who you were meant to be.

Do you want that too?  Just a little bit of willingness, and the whole Universe will come to your aid.  You are that important, you are that loved.  

In all ways, and always.



I love you. ❤ 

Healing & Tears

Most days, I feel very calm, present and peaceful – for a good chunk of the day.

So grateful, right?

Yet being in a body, and living as a human in this time and space, can be full of its opportunities to maintain said calm, present, peaceful state – each opportunity designed to teach us how to move from fear, to love.

We are here for this purpose – to move from fear (any form of anxiety small or large) to love (peace, joy, contentment).  We are here to learn -unlearn really, and to live honestly and to know ourselves as children of Love.  


So the fear then, often comes in the form of triggers.  The comments, the looks, the things that don’t go as you want them too or think they “should.”

And with cancer, it’s the trigger of my body is sick, its not working, its having a hard time.  I am not doing this right, and the list continues. This line of thinking, of course, takes me right out of the calm present and peaceful mode that I feel most at home in.

It takes me to discomfort, I feel anger, resentment, impatient, I want to run, I want to blame, I want to be somewhere other than I am.

Yet, I am here.

In the past, I would pretend my way out of it.  Work and “make things happen” to cover up the discomfort….But it lingered like a cancer just forming under the surface, and I see so many of us doing this during our days and nights on planet earth.  Just pretending its not there, like a pink elephant in the room.

It’s only in facing it, that we can transcend whatever “it” is.

For me, the denial of my discomfort – again and again, caused a low grade form of stress to be my natural state.   This caused an acidic state in my body that was the prime environment for  a cell that lingered too long before it died away, then instead it formed something new, degenerative and reproducing – something in form, something that multiplied and created more like it.  

Until it formed a little home, a little community of madness – called a cancerous tumor, in my breast .  In my heart center, that says A LOT, right?  Our pain is our teacher, and if we deny it too long, it will cause a break down in our bodies, in whatever part of us is already weakened by life.  This is why it’s been so important to me to go at this from a wholistic perspective – mental, physical, spiritual, emotional …

It is a tug of war, healing cancer naturally.  

At times I am winning. I feel strong and pull it off course, the little ball of fear feels small and I feel very big, very confident that all that I am doing is pushing this needle in my direction.

Yet today, I learned, its not about what I am doing, although all that is important, its about what I am BEING.  

Am I being lazy? 

At times, yes, whenever I am not asking for guidance in that very moment that fear begins to tug at the rope in this game.  It is either one, I am cultivating and working towards residing in Love, or I will default into fear.  

It’s about not doing the work in my mind.  Slacking, even a little gives the ego a wake up call.  There is no room for slacking in this game, it takes committed vigilance, a disciple of the mind.

The ego takes the slack in the form of getting triggered and runs at full speed ahead, that’s what the ego does when we shift gears, when we are not “doing the work” and keeping track of what the yogi’s called the mindstuff.

I can see it, because we cannot, not see, especially at this level, that we are not seeing! So this whole time, we see what we are doing, but we don’t care somehow, or we don’t care enough to do what needs to be done to get to the other side.  We have defaulted into a subconscious program, and that program now is on auto pilot.

We have fallen asleep, and need healing – we are dreaming the dream of separation, and it seems real. The stories, the characters, the betrayals, the fears the mistakes, they seem etched in time.

We sink deeper then.

Into the ego’s hook, of “it doesn’t matter,” or ” its his fault or her fault” or even, “if you could only get that couch you would be happy again.”

 This is the spiritual ego – he uses your own intelligence against you.

It says, you’re not your body anyway, its fine, yell, scream, eat! 

If that doesn’t work, cry.

Crying works though. 

I remember hearing once, that tears are the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We tend to think they are bad or weak or that after a certain age are immature.  Society tells us, “don’t cry” and we think we have to do all these things, so there is no time for that anyway.

Yet if I don’t let the tears come, the anger grows, like a cancer.  They are the adapted emotions of the masculine and feminine energy, and they set off the inner child in a spiral of loneliness and overwhelm.

Tears break through to the tenderness behind the fear.  So don’t be afraid of your tears and the time it takes to cry them.  The space it takes to feel them and release them from your memory. To give them to the Holy Spirit for purification – so that truth and honesty to be your natural state.  

That no thought conflicts with another.

That there is only peace.

That the tears you cry are leading you Home, to Love.


“Above all else I want to See.”

Have you ever heard someone say, “well who is s/he to say/do that?” or maybe you’ve heard yourself say it recently?

Someone close to me said it, conversationally – and I felt triggered.


Without thinking I said, “please don’t cause any drama.”  And then I felt the discomfort.

Ekks, that was a judgement.  Oh gosh, here we go again. Ideas don’t leave their source, so if I judge her for her statement, I will feel the discomfort.

So I tuned into my own thinking, and realized, I have had that thought often.  More than I like to admit. For example, “who is she?” to have …..fill in the blank, that house, that life, that money, that social media following…

These are the thoughts we are healing when we learn we are all in this thing together.  If someone else can have it, they are demonstrating what is possible in all of us!

The question really wants to be – what are YOU (Marie) doing to serve the world, to attract the house or the money – who are YOU – instead of judging others service, material possessions or “good fortune”?

“Who are you do that,” turns to “who are you NOT to?”

Are you walking around pointing fingers at what others are doing?  Or are you looking at your own thoughts and feelings, your own work, and focussing only there.

Triggers are important to look at, like the one I had last week, witnessing a friend claim that she had the authority, knowledge, clarity that another did not. 

Even if that is true, it was irrelevant, a judgement, and all judgements are created equally and all judgements require forgiveness – a willingness to see things differently. It’s only when you are willing, that you can actually SEE. Because behind it all, we all have the knowledge, gifts and talents to succeed, its just are we willing to see them. A Course in Miracles teaches us, we can have a grievance (judgement) or a miracle, but we can’t have both. So choose wisely – after all we are at choice always.

I encourage you to look at your triggers and take responsibility for them, they are teachers, and if you are willing to go through the discomfort of what they are showing you, ask to “see it differently” you will undoubtedly land in the place of greater wisdom and peace for yourself and all those in your life.


Marie xxoo